Prevention of antibiotic resistance, open seminar


A warm welcome to the digital seminar on the 4th of December

On December 4th at 2pm (Stockholm time zone), the Foundation to Prevent Antibiotic Resistance will arrange an open, digital seminar presenting the results and outlook of two exciting projects that have received funding from us.

During the seminar details about the upcoming grant call in 2021 will also be announced. 


Dec 4th 2020, 2-4 pm (Stockholm time zone)

Cecilia Tilli, Secretary-General of PAR Foundation

Antibiotic resistance and the need for prevention
Anna Nordlander, Assistant Senior Physician at the Department of Infectious Diseases at Karolinska University Hospital.

Stig Wall, Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology and Health Care Research at Umeå University with experience of collaborative research work in Africa and Asia and as advisor to WHO.

Funded project: Using the immune system to prevent or treat bacterial infections
Peter Bergman, senior lecturer and physician at Karolinska Institutet, explores how the immune system can be activated to prevent or treat bacterial infections. This could lead to treatments that would make multi-resistant bacteria susceptible to antibiotics again, as well as treatments to prevent infections.

Funded project: A novel approach to clear the gut of resistant bacteria with bacteriophages
Christian Giske, professor at Karolinska Institutet, and his colleague Anni-Maria Örmälä-Odegrip, assistant professor, researches a novel approach to clear the gut of resistant bacteria using bacteriophages (viruses that can target bacteria selectively). This approach could potentially prevent severe resistant infections such as bloodstream infections.

The global funding landscape: Global AMR Hub
Elmar Nimmesgern, Lead of Global AMR R&D Hub-Secretariat, Germany

Measuring Impact: Effektfullt
Annica Johansson, executive director at Effektfullt, an NGO that capacity-builds organizations to measure their impact on people and planet.

Looking forward: Ageing and prevention
Cecilia Tilli, Secretary-General of PAR Foundation, introduces the field for the next grant call.

Concluding remarks
Peter Rothschild, Chairman of PAR Foundation